Audi Q5 Sportback Review 2022

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Audi Q5
Audi Q5


1 / 10

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"Stylish SUV loses boot space"
  • Launched: 2021
  • SUV
  • Petrol, Diesel, Mild hybrid, PHEV

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Quick overview


  • Feels just as classy as the standard Audi Q5
  • Strong engine line-up
  • More practical than you might expect


  • Smaller boot than the regular car
  • Infotainment is now touchscreen only
  • Rivals are more fun to drive

Overall verdict

On the inside


Cost to run

Prices and Specs

Common questions

Overall verdict on the Audi Q5 Sportback

"The Audi Q5 Sportback is a sexier alternative to one of the brand's most popular SUVs. There's very little to dislike – provided you can cope with the slight drop in practicality."

Audi Q5 Sportback Review 2022 front

If anything, it's a surprise that Audi's taken so long to introduce a Sportback version of the Q5. It's a rival to other premium coupe SUVs – cars like the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. You might also be considering it alongside models like the Range Rover Velar, Jaguar F-Pace and Porsche Macan

There's a range of engines available, including plug-in hybrid options for company car drivers (or those who really want to be able to pop to the shops under electric power). We've only driven the 45 TFSI petrol so far and found to be surprisingly punchy, but most drivers will be better opting for the 40 TDI diesel.

In typical Audi form, the Q5's cabin is simply superb. There's an updated infotainment system which looks pretty sharp, but the old rotary controller has disappeared. It's no longer available in the standard Q5 either, which is a shame as we found it less distracting than using the touchscreen on the move.

We'll wait until we've spent more time with the Audi Q5 Sportback before we come to a full verdict, but if our experience of the standard Q5 is anything to go by, it could be one of the most accomplished SUVs of its class.

Comfort and design: Audi Q5 Sportback interior

"The Audi Q5 Sportback's interior is just as plush as the standard car. You won't find a budget finish or loose bit of trim, no matter how hard you search."

Audi Q5 Sportback Review 2022 cabin

Of course, the Q5 Sportback's sleek shape means practicality's taken a hit. Boot space is down to 510 litres, compared to the standard Q5's 550 litres. It's a perfectly useable boot, though, helped by its square shape and electronic tailgate which adds access.

Handling and ride quality: What is the Audi Q5 Sportback like to drive?

"The Audi Q5 Sportback is a refined and comfortable choice, but it's not as enjoyable to fling around as a Jaguar F-Pace or BMW X4."

Audi Q5 Sportback Review 2022 driving

The sports suspension fitted to S Line models is a bit on the firm side, especially combined with large alloy wheels. Look for one with the adaptive suspension if you want a more compliant ride quality.

MPG and fuel costs: What does an Audi Q5 Sportback cost to run?

"If you're seeking low running costs, look for one of the plug-in hybrid models. The Audi Q5 Sportback 50 TFSI has an electric range of up to 38 miles, while the 55 TFSI can cover 36 miles before the petrol engine kicks in."

Audi Q5 Sportback Review 2022 rear

If you cover a lot of long journeys, you'd be better with the 40 TDI diesel. This officially returns up to 44.8mpg. The petrol 45 TFSI is a bit thirstier, officially capable of 33.6mpg.

How much should you be paying for an Audi Q5 Sportback?

"Prices start from around £46,500 – while top models are nudging £75,000."

Audi Q5 Sportback Review 2022 side

You'll pay a premium of around £2000 over the equivalent Audi Q5. As it's still a very new model, it's yet to reach the used market, but residual values are expected to be strong.

Ask the heycar experts: common questions

How much is the Audi Q5 Sportback?

Prices start from £46,415 for an Audi Q5 Sportback in entry-level Sport trim with the 40 TDI diesel engine. The range tops out with the SQ5 TDI in Vorsprung trim, which retails at around £75,000.

Phil Hall

Answered by

Phil Hall

When does the Audi Q5 Sportback go on sale?

Orders are now open for the Audi Q5 Sportback. Deliveries are expected from June 2021.

Dan Powell

Answered by

Dan Powell

Which engine should I get in the Audi Q5 Sportback?

The best engine depends on your personal requirements. The diesel 40 TDI suits the Q5 well and will be very economical but, if you mainly cover short journeys, look at one of the petrol models or the plug-in hybrid TFSI e.

Andy Brady

Answered by

Andy Brady

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