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  • Disabled spaces still being misused at supermarkets

Disabled spaces still being misused at supermarkets

David Ross

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David Ross

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  • Disabled spaces at supermarkets still being misused
  • Drivers asked to count cars not displaying a Blue Badge
  • Campaign aims to raise awareness

A fifth of disabled parking spaces in supermarket car parks are used by someone without a disability, according to the British Parking Association.

It continues to be a serious common problem for disabled motorists who find they are unable to park in dedicated disabled bays as they are occupied with cars not displaying a Blue Badge.

Disabled Motoring UK, a charity which supports disabled drivers and Blue Badge holders, has launched it's 2020 Baywatch campaign - surveying drivers about their experience using parking bays. The survey seeks to challenge drivers who use disabled parking spaces without a Blue Badge.

Last year, Disabled Motoring UK claimed supermarkets lost £501 million every month due to not being accessible, with three quarters of disabled people and their families saying they have been forced to leave at least once because of poor accessibility.

In past years the charity has asked people to go to a supermarket car park and count cars not displaying a Blue Badge which are parked in disabled bays.

However, due to Covid-19 the campaign this year is slightly different, with Disabled Motoring UK asking drivers to think back over the last 12 months to consider their general parking experience, asking questions about their experience at supermarkets and on everyday journeys.

The charity will use this data to tackle supermarkets and other parking providers over their disabled parking policies. As a thank you for taking part there will also be an opportunity for one participant to win a £25 M&S voucher.

A spokesperson for the British Parking Association said: "This campaign is a great way to raise awareness of the importance of only using disabled bays if you are a Blue Badge holder. We encourage as many people as possible to participate in the survey."

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