Advice for our dealer partners: How to conduct safe contact-free viewings

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heycar editorial team

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Having spoken with a number of our dealer partners, it’s clear that there is still a demand in the market to continue customers' car buying journeys in as uninterrupted a way as possible. Read on for our recommendation on how to facilitate a safe non-contact viewing in the showroom and/or a test drive delivered to the customer's home.

Before initiating any real-life interaction with a customer, you should always check that they aren’t feeling unwell or are self-isolating, and are following the latest Government advice.

What do we mean by a contact-free viewing?

Simply, this means that no contact between customers or dealers happens, and that everyone is a safe distance apart from each other, and contaminated surfaces.

At the dealership, this could mean creating appointments just for customers and the car, keeping up with your hygiene promise (see more below) and maintaining a distance during the demonstration. During a home viewing, this may be stepping out of and away from the car before the customer views, wiping all surfaces you’ve touched with appropriate disinfectant, maintaining a distance and asking for any questions they may have ahead of the viewing so you can be ready to explain at a distance.

What do we mean by a home test drive?

A home test drive is a great way to alleviate any travel concerns the customer may have. Bringing the car to their driveway, or a nominated location nearby can mean they still don’t need to miss out on the ‘see and feel’ experience that many still find crucial in their buying journey due to concerns around travelling. For yours and the safety of the community, you should check that the customer is not self-isolating before you commence a home test drive.

Here are our top tips for contact-free viewings and home test drives

Provide a video ahead of time

We recently posted a blog about the power of video in marketing cars, and the influence it can make in selling remotely. A video provides another touch point along the customer journey in which they can get a more comprehensive understanding of the car itself. This also means they can have any questions on features or inclusions at the ready for their viewing.

Increase confidence, and keep our community safe, with a hygiene promise

Make it clear which steps you’ll be taking in ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. How will you ensure that you’re keeping with the latest Government advice? Have your procedure written out and accessible for customers who may be interested in booking a contact-free viewing or home test drive.

Signpost how a contact-free viewing will work

Find out what the customer expects from a contact-free viewing, offer the option to remain 2 metres away, have the car opened and freshly cleaned. Make sure the agenda for this is clear to the customer and lay out the steps for them ahead of the appointment. Follow up afterwards via email or a call to discuss.

Book a timed slot with the customer and reconfirm it

As a home test drive is a big commitment out of both yours and the customer’s day, it’s a good idea to book a specific time slot with them and re-confirm it on the day. This gives you the best chance of avoiding attending an appointment they can no longer keep. It also gives them a chance to let you know if they are now self-isolating and need to reschedule.

Remain enthusiastic

Just like at every other stage, even whilst keeping cautious, buying a car is a really emotional and exciting time! Keep up the good spirits as you normally would in the showroom.