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Why use the child Car Seat Chooser?

It’s incredibly exciting to be expecting a baby and to be a parent. But we also know, there are many things to prepare and plan for. With lots of choices and so many things to think about, we want to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to your baby’s safety in the car. 

With our heycar child Car Seat Chooser tool, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for your first, second or third car seat. Just tell us which used car you have, or plan to get, and we'll show you those that exactly fit your car, so you can drive away knowing we’ve got your back.

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How do I choose the right baby or child seat?

It's normal to have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing and buying a baby or child car seat. Our buying guides lay out all the essentials that you need to know before you start.

1. What size of car seat will fit my child?

Before choosing a child car seat, you need to get some key info together. Measure your child's height and weight, and make a note of their age too. 

That's all you'll need to have to hand. You can now check the standard car seat categories (below) to find out which seat group your children fall into.

Age ranges are approximate – it’s the height and weight that really matter here. You’ll also notice that the weight ranges of the seat groups cross over. Tip:  it’s always safer to keep a child in the lower group for as long as possible. A child in a seat that's too big isn't as safe as a slightly smaller seat. 

You can buy a ‘1/2/3 group’ seat, which covers all of the groups and adjusts from a baby seat into a booster, as well as the ‘i-Size’ setup which can be used from birth to around four years old. And the same safety and fitment rules apply to those as to any other car seat.

If you'd like to read a little more in detail, follow this link to our blog - Choosing the right car seat for your child.

Group 0

Weight range
Up to 10kg (22lbs)
Age range
Birth to 9 months

Group 0+

Weight range
Up to 13kg (29lbs)
Age range
Birth to 15 months

Group 0+/1

Weight range
Up to 18kg (40lbs)
Age range
Birth to 4 years

Group 1

Weight range
9-18kg (20-40lbs)
Age range
9 months to 4 years

Group 2/3

Weight range
15-36kg (2st 5lbs-5st 9lbs)
Age range
3-12 years

Group 3

Weight range
22-36kg (3st 7lbs-5st 9lbs)
Age range
6-12 years

2. Does my car have Isofix child seat anchor points?

Isofix has been standard on all new cars since 2006 so if you’re buying new, Isofix will be fitted. And if you’re going for a used car on heycar, your car will have Isofix too - as all cars are under 8 years old. Originally Isofix had two anchor points but some cars also have a top tether point – usually found on the back of the seat.

If you’re not sure look for the Isofix labels or simply run your hands along the gap where the seat base and back meet to feel for the metal hooks. Two-seater cars often have them fitted in the passenger seat although you do of course have to turn the passenger airbag off. 

But, just because your car has Isofix, it doesn't mean that all car seats are compatible with your car or that you can use more than one of the Isofix positions. That's where the heycar Car Seat Chooser comes in. 

If you need a car that will happily accommodate three child seats, check out our expert guides to the best cars for three child seats, the best MPVs for three child seats, best SUVs for three child seats and best electric cars for three child seats. If you're looking to part exchange your car for a new one, why not value your car so you're armed with the best information possible.  

3. Should I buy an Isofix child car seat or one secured by a seatbelt?

When it comes to fitting your child's car seat, there’s still much debate about the best way to keep your little one safe - Isofix or seat belts?

When installed correctly, seat belt fitted seats are perfectly safe - protecting children in the same way they do adults. But in some cases the seat belts may not be fitted correctly over the child seats, which could mean infants and kids aren’t necessarily as well protected as they should be.

With Isofix mounts, the connection between the seat and the car is more rigid, so there’s less chance of a mishap when fitting a child seat to the car and there’s less movement in the seat in the event of an accident. But, it’s not a legal requirement to have an Isofix seat.

The real advantage to Isofix is that it’s so simple to fit. Why? Well you just simply click in the Isofix legs and the car seat is solidly installed. Nearly all Isofix seats have green and red indicators to show you when the seat is fixed correctly. 

If you'd like to read a little more about this in detail, head over to our Isofix vs seat belts blog.

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4. What is i-Size?

The i-Size is a Europe-wide standard for car seats that was introduced in July 2013. That may be several years ago now, but it’s still very much a ‘new’ innovation, and many parents and parents to be choose these over other car seats. 

If you’re currently on the look out for a new car seat for your little one, you’ll see many that now say they are i-Size compliant. The i-Size regulations are designed to give extra protection to children. The key differences are better head and neck support along with improved protection from side and frontal collisions.

Alongside that, all i-Size seats must have a five-point harness to keep the child safely strapped in, even if the car rolls over.

Another improvement to other car seats is that i-Size seats are classified by height rather than age and weight - after all, every child develops differently.

5. Where can I buy a cheap child car seat?

If you keep an eye on prices and plan in advance, it is possible to pick up a decent discount on a child seat that's about to be discontinued. Rest assured, these are still brand new seats and just as safe, but since they fall into last year's collection, they often have a chunk taken off the original price.

Once you've found the perfect fitting seat for your child and car using our Car Seat Chooser tool, you can go straight onto buying the chosen one online or in-store. 

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