Ford Transit Courier Review 2022

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Dan Powell

Ford Transit Courier
Ford Transit Courier


1 / 10

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"A fantastic small van package. "
  • Launched: 2014
  • Van
  • Petrol, Diesel

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Quick overview


  • Easy to drive
  • Available with petrol or diesel engines
  • Practical and spacious interior


  • 1.0 EcoBoost petrol can be lethargic 
  • Kombi van has very little storage space
  • Standard equipment levels could be better 

Overall verdict

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Cost to run

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Overall verdict on the Ford Transit Courier

"Compact, practical and cheap to run, the 2022 Ford Transit Courier is proof that you don't have to reduce your expectations when it comes to downsizing your van."

Ford Transit Courier Review 2022: front static

The 2022 Ford Transit Courier is a comprehensive small van that punches above its weight when it comes to comfort, practicality and fuel economy. We rate it as one of the best small vans for value, while its agile handling and efficient range of engines make it easy to use and cheap to run.

Based on the same platform as the old shape Fiesta, the Transit Courier sits below the Transit Connect in the Ford van range and competes with the likes of the Fiat Fiorino, the Citroen Nemo and the smallest version of the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

The Transit Courier is a good van for builders who need a compact yet capable small commercial vehicle for carrying tools and materials. The Courier is popular with delivery drivers, too, who want a city a city-friendly van with agile handling and low fuel costs.

Don't be fooled by its diminutive size, the Transit Courier is practical and versatile. It's capable of carrying a standard Euro pallet and has a load length of 1.62 metres. The total cargo volume is 2.3 cubic metres and you get a sliding side door and a full height bulkhead that's available glazed.

If you need to carry longer items, there's the option of a clever folding mesh bulkhead and drop-down passenger seat that will boost the overall load area to 2.6 cubic metres and provide a maximum load length of 2.6 metres.

The load area comes with six cargo tie-down points with four side-mounted panels plus there's the option of ultra-bright LED lighting. The maximum payload at launch is 660kg, but this has changed over the years with the latest models providing up to 595kg. 

Most vans get a single sliding side door fitted as standard with the option of dual sliding doors. There's also a Kombi version which has a row of three seats in the back and glazed side doors. It isn't as upmarket or as refined as the Tourneo Courier, but the kombi will suit tradespeople who need to transport people and stuff. 

The Transit Courier was launched in 2014 with the choice of two diesel engines – a 1.5-litre TDCi with 75PS and a 1.6 TDCi producing 95PS – plus Ford's impressive 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol unit that's used in various Ford  cars like the Fiesta and B-Max. In 2018, the 1.6-litre diesel was axed and a 100PS version of the 1.5-litre diesel was added to the range. 

The advertised fuel economy is impressive with the petrol Courier promising up to 42mpg while Ford says the 1.5 diesel will return around 57mpg. However, unlike other vans in the Transit range, the Courier doesn't get an auto option, which means it is offered with a manual gearbox only. 

The interior echoes Ford's passenger cars with a modern design. There's also plenty of storage, including a 'mega-centre' console which can hold A4 documents and small laptops, overhead stowage plus a drawer under the driver’s seat. A device dock in the centre of the instrument panel lets the driver store, mount and charge mobile phones.

All versions of the Courier are comfortable. Refinement is also impressive, which means engine and road noise is kept low. As a result, the Courier is excellent for long journeys on the motorway, while its supple suspension does a pretty good job of ironing our rough road surfaces and potholes. 

If you think the Transit Courier may be too small for your needs then we’d suggest looking for something larger like the Transit Connect or Peugeot Partner. However, if you find that your van spends most of its time half full, the compact and likeable Transit Courier may be the perfect commercial vehicle for you. 

Is the Ford Transit Courier right for you?

If you need a compact van with low running costs with moderate carrying capacity then the Ford Transit Courier should be at the top of your shopping list: it’s one of the best vehicles in its class for road handling and fuel economy, while its car-like refinement also makes it one of the most comfortable on a long journey. 

The panel van version of the Transit Courier is the best selling model in the UK, thanks to its versatile load area that provides up to 2.6 cubic metres of storage space. However, the five-seat kombi model is also popular with buyers who want a practical and affordable crew van. 

Launched in 2014, the Transit Courier has gone through many revisions over the years to keep it at the front of the small van pack. The latest models are well-equipped as standard, with DAB audio and a smartphone dock that makes it easy to use online mapping and online streaming services. You also get Ford’s Easy Fuel capless refuelling system, which makes it almost impossible to put the wrong fuel into the vehicle. 

What’s the best Ford Transit Courier model/engine to choose?

As small commercial vehicles go, the Ford Transit Courier is difficult to fault. Good to drive, efficient and capable of carrying 500kg+, this little van punches above its weight in all of the key van areas. 

We’d recommend buying the Transit Courier with a flexible load area that lets you use the space under the passenger seat. This unlocks a maximum load length of 2593mm, which is perfect for carrying planks of wood, copper pipes and other bulky items. A folding mesh bulkhead with a fold-and-dive passenger seat is also available.

The 100PS 1.5-litre diesel is the go-to engine for most buyers, due to its low running costs and punchy acceleration, but don’t discount the 100PS 1.0-litre petrol if you need a van for short journeys. 

What other vans are similar to the Ford Transit Courier?

The Ford Transit Courier rivals the Fiat Fiorino, Citroen Nemo and the Nissan NV200. You should also consider the smallest versions of the Mercedes-Benz Citan, Volkswagen Caddy and Vauxhall Combo.

Comfort and design: Ford Transit Courier interior

"The Transit Courier punches above its weight when it comes to load-carrying ability."

Ford Transit Courier Review 2022: interior dashboard

The Transit Courier was launched in 2014 and shares a lot of its tech and interior design features with the Ford Fiesta. That means you get a comfortable set of seats and a car-like interior that is easy to use and understand. 

The Transit Courier's interior has lots of useful storage points. The front seats are separated by a storage console that contains two large cup holders and a pocket that will accommodate a folded laptop or A4 folder. The door pockets will also hold a 500ml water bottle, while high spec versions get a useful overhead storage shelf and under-seat drawers for the front seats. 

Like the Fiesta, the interior of the Transit Courier has been designed with comfort in mind. The cloth seats are wide and have firm padding that provides excellent back support. Most versions get lumbar adjustment for the driver’s seat and an armrest as standard, while the range-topping Sport van adds part-leather seats for ultimate comfort. 

Quality and finish

The Transit Courier has the same steering wheel, instrument dials and switches as the Fiesta, giving it that car-like feel that we've become accustomed to with many modern vans. The stereo is also lifted from the Fiesta, although it's a little cluttered with lots of buttons on the entry-level van, but that's the only minor criticism in an otherwise first-rate interior.

Compared to rivals like the Peugeot Bipper, there's far more space in the cabin, which will be particularly noticeable for taller drivers who won't have to spend time forcing the seat back up against the bulkhead to maximise legroom.

Like all vans, the interior has lots of hard plastics that are designed to cope with life in a commercial vehicle; however, we think the Transit Courier feels more car-like in its quality than many of its rivals, with better quality plastics and seat materials.  

The entry-level Leader version of the 2022 Ford Transit Courier doesn't get an infotainment screen, instead, it has a smartphone dock that allows you to plug your phone into the van and use its speakers for media or navigation commands.

Both the Trend and Sport models get a four-inch colour screen and Bluetooth connection that allows you to receive hands-free phone calls. The screen is surrounded by buttons that let you access the DAB radio stations. You also get a second USB socket and Applink, which lets you access your phone apps via voice control or the steering-wheel buttons. 

The range-topping Limited version adds a six-inch colour touchscreen that adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, if you want sat nav, you'll need to raid the options list. 

All versions of the Transit Courier get at least one USB socket as standard, along with a 12V power socket in the central storage area. 

Space and practicality: Ford Transit Courier load space

With a load capacity of 2.3 cubic metres, the Ford isn't quite a match for alternatives like the Citroen Nemo but its 660kg payload is on par with the competition. Over the years Ford has tweaked the maximum payload, with the latest model offering up to 595kg. 

The Transit Courier can accommodate a standard Euro pallet and there are six cargo tie-down points with four side-mounted panels plus the option of ultra-bright LED lighting which makes a big difference when using the van at night.

The cargo deck is 1620mm long but if you have longer items to move, and don't want to use roof bars, there's the option of a clever folding mesh bulkhead that swings around the driver and includes a drop down passenger seat - this allows you to carry items up to 2.59mm in length.

A moulded bulkhead is fitted as standard while a full steel bulkhead is standard on the Trend trim and an option for the base model. The build quality throughout the Transit Courier really impresses with a solid and durable feel to everything.

The Kombi version of the Transit Courier comes with a rear row of three seats that all fold and tumble giving you useful flexibility. It also has glazed side windows that flip out for extra ventilation plus full front, side and curtain airbags. Despite the small size of the Courier, there's a generous amount of room in the back of the Kombi plus it comes with dual sliding side doors.

Handling and ride quality: What is the Ford Transit Courier like to drive?

"Thanks to its compact size the Transit Courier is ideal for urban work; helped by good forward visibility and a tight turning circle."

Ford Transit Courier Review 2022: on road

The Transit Courier mirrors the Fiesta for refinement and road handling, with nicely weighted steering and low levels of engine and road noise. We rate it as one of the best for driving on twisty roads, while its motorway manners are surprisingly good for a vehicle of this size. 

Slightly longer than a Fiat Fiorino but is just as nimble, the Transit Courier is at its best in a busy town or city. The light steering means slotting it into a tight parallel parking spot is a simple task, while the van’s 2.1 metre width means you can navigate narrow streets with ease. 

The standard height of the Transit Courier is just 1770mm before you add roof rails and this means you are unlikely to experience any issues with car parks that have height restrictions. 

Get the Transit Courier onto a motorway and it feels equally at home; it's quiet and refined with impressively low levels of noise. In fact, it's very easy to think you're driving something bigger and in terms of comfort, it sits head and shoulders above the competition. It's a van you could happily cover long distances in.

It's easy to tell that the Transit Courier is based on the same platform as the Fiesta. The handling - as with all Ford vans - is impressive, helped by nicely weighted steering and plenty of grip. It's stable in corners even with a full load on board and unlike many vans is genuinely enjoyable to drive. But what really shines through is the top-notch ride quality.

What engines and gearboxes are available in the Ford Transit Courier?

Like many small vans, the Transit Courier is offered with the choice of petrol or diesel engines. Most buyers will choose one of the fuel-efficient diesels due to their low fuel costs and punchy low-gear performance. 

The oldest vans for sale are offered with a 75PS 1.5-litre diesel engine or a 95PS 1.6 litre diesel. Take note, some of the earliest versions of the diesel Transit Courier may not meet Euro 6 emission standards so make sure you check the vehicle’s documentation if you need to navigate clean air zones, like the London ULEZ. 

The 1.6-litre diesel was phased out in early 2018, which means the latest models are offered with the 1.5-litre diesel with 100PS. This engine, in our opinion, is the best diesel option for the Transit Courier due to its excellent performance and running costs. 

The 1.0-litre petrol engine is the familiar EcoBoost unit that’s found in Ford’s range of passenger cars. Admittedly, it lacks the low-gear punch of the 1.5 diesel, but it’s sufficient for drivers who need to use the Transit Courier for lots of short-drop work that may not be suitable for a diesel

The Transit Courier doesn’t get the option of an automatic gearbox, which means your options are limited to a manual gearbox. The earliest versions of Transit Courier use a five-speed manual but this was replaced with a six-speed gearbox in 2018.

Refinement and noise levels

Refinement isn’t really an area that small vans tend to excel in, but the Transit Courier is one of the exceptions to this rule due to the fact it’s based on the Fiesta. Road and engine noise is generally low, although the EcoBoost engine can become a little vocal under heavy acceleration.

On the motorway, the Transit Courier is smooth and quiet, which means you can travel long distances and still feel relatively fresh when you arrive at your destination. The suspension is composed and comfortable too, even when the van isn’t carrying a full load (a rarity in the small van class). 

Safety equipment: How safe is the Ford Transit Courier?

The Ford Tourneo Courier was given four stars out of five when it was crash tested by Euro NCAP in 2015, with 84% adult occupant protection; 84% child occupant protection; 74% pedestrian protection; 56% safety assist.

The 2022 Transit Courier is fitted with a sophisticated electronic stability control package, which includes ABS, traction control and an electronic brake-force distribution system that prevents the braking forces from disproportionately being applied and causing the van to veer from side to side in the event of an emergency stop. 

All vans get a hill start assist system that will prevent the van from rolling backwards or forwards when starting the vehicle on a steep incline. You also get a smart trailer safety system that will prevent it from swaying in windy or wintery conditions.

MPG and fuel costs: What does a Ford Transit Courier cost to run?

"The engine range includes a petrol in the shape of the three-cylinder 1.0-litre EcoBoost with 100PS that's had positive reviews in Ford cars like the Fiesta."

Ford Transit Courier Review 2022: side profile

The three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine may seem small for a van - even one this compact - but it's actually well suited. As it's turbocharged it has plenty of low down torque while the advertised economy is a respectable 42mpg. Admittedly, the EcoBoost unit feels a little out of breath when the van is fully laden but it'll be more than sufficient for short distance city drivers. 

The diesel engines will make the most sense for long-distance drives and there's a lower-powered 1.5 TDCi with 75PS or a 1.6 TDCi with 95PS. The 1.5 TDCi is an engine that is also found in the Ford Focus and will suit most owners needs with an advertised economy of 57mpg. Like the rest of the engine range, it comes with Ford's EasyFuel which makes it almost impossible to put the wrong fuel in.

The 1.6 TDCi isn't the most modern diesel around nor the quietest but it's refined enough in the Transit Courier and with 215Nm of torque available from just 1750rpm it provides plenty of pulling power when needed. 

How reliable is the Ford Transit Courier?

Ford vans tend to have a good reputation for reliability and owner complaints about the Transit Courier are few and far between on the commercial vehicle website, Honest John Vans. Most problems can be avoided by making some basic checks before buying, such as checking that the van has been serviced in accordance with its manufacturer recommendations. 

Insurance groups and costs

Small vans are generally cheap to insure and the Transit Courier is no different in this respect. Entry-level versions of the 1.0 EcoBoost petrol van start in group 8 while the 1.5 TDCI diesel are slightly more expensive in group 11. 

As with all van insurance policies, it pays to prioritise the level of cover over the price. Otherwise, the cheapest deal may leave you shortchanged in the event of a claim should it not cover the full cost of replacing your tools or equipment that are stored in the vehicle.

VED van tax: What is the annual road tax on a Ford Transit Courier?

Road tax for the Transit Courier is based on a flat fee, which starts at £140 a year or £77 for six months VED.

How much should you be paying for a used Ford Transit Courier?

"The Transit Courier is one of the cheapest routes into new van ownership."

Ford Transit Courier Review 2022: rear static

A new Transit Courier will start in the region of £16,000 (including VAT) for the 1.0 EcoBoost petrol. You'll pay around £17,000 for the 1.5-litre diesel, while the desirable Sport van will command as much as £20,000.

A 12-month-old Transit Courier can be found for under £15,000 on a dealer's forecourt while four-year-old vans command in the region of £10,000 - £11,000.  

Trim levels and standard equipment

The Transit Courier might be one of the smallest vans in the UK but it has lots of options and trim levels for you to choose from. 

The Ford Transit Courier Leader is the starting point in the range but standard equipment is a little sparse on these vans with no side sliding door or electric windows. You do get Ford's capless refuelling system (that makes it near-impossible to misfuel the van) plus DAB audio and a dock for your smartphone, which means you can listen to a music streaming service through the van's speakers. 

Ford Transit Courier Trend adds a four-inch colour screen to the dashboard, overhead storage shelf and lumbar support for the driver's seat. You also get a central arm rest, electric windows, heated door mirrors with electric adjustment and front fog lights. 

Ford Transit Courier Limited models get the best mixture of equipment with air conditioning, a six-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rear parking sensors, automatic headlights and windscreen wipers, plus 15-inch alloy wheels. 

If you want to inject some hot hatch appeal into your van then the Courier Sport trim line will add racing stripes to the bodywork, 16-inch alloy wheels, front and rear skid plates, plus part-leather seats and a leather steering wheel. 

Ask the heycar experts: common questions

Is the Ford Transit Courier Sport van fast?

Despite its name and styling, the Ford Transit Courier Sport van is not a high-performance vehicle. The Sport trim level adds racing stripes 16-inch alloy wheels, but engine performance is the same as the standard van.

Dan Powell

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Dan Powell

What's the different between the Ford Transit Courier and the Transit Connect?

The Transit Connect is larger than the Transit Courier and capable of carrying heavier payloads. A Transit Connect will carry up to 961kg while the smaller Transit Courier is limited to around 600kg.

Dan Powell

Answered by

Dan Powell

What are the Ford Transit Courier's dimensions?

The Ford Transit Courier is 4157mm long and 2112mm wide (including the door mirrors). The loadspace is 1488mm wide and 1620mm long up to the bulkhead. However, if you need more space, you can extend the load length to 2593mm with the optional folding mesh bulkhead.

Dan Powell

Answered by

Dan Powell

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