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Finding a used Jeep for sale with heycar couldn't be simpler. All Jeep cars for sale with heycar come with a warranty, are quality checked and available through selected dealers only.

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Quality checked, all cars less than 8 years old and warranty included

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Which used Jeep models will I find for sale on heycar?

You're spoilt for choice with every type of modern Volvo listed in our cars for sale, including the Jeep Renegade for sale, Jeep Wrangler for sale, Jeep Compass for sale, Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale and Jeep Cherokee for sale.

Which Jeep is right for me?

With a range that is made up entirely of SUVs, a Jeep may not be suitable for all buyers, but despite this there are significant differences between the models. The entry-level Renegade shares some of its mechanicals with the Fiat 500X, is comfortable on-road and is usefully practical. The Compass mixes on- and off-road ability with good value, while the Cherokee is an older model that offers plenty of room with solid off-road credentials. At the top of the range is the Grand Cherokee, a full-size SUV that is well-specified and comfortable, while serious off-road enthusiasts will be interested in the long-serving Wrangler.

What are the most popular Jeep cars for sale?

It's the smallest Jeep - the Renegade - which has proved the most popular model in the range. 

Tell me something I don’t know about Jeep

The American manufacturer Jeep has been synonymous with off-road vehicles since its inception in 1945 as a part of the U.S. effort in World War II. The origin of the name Jeep is still disputed, with the most common theories being it was named after Eugene the Jeep from Popeye cartoons, or a slurred form of its original military designation of General Purpose or GP.

How can I find a used Jeep for sale near me?

Simply enter your postcode to find high quality second-hand Jeeps near you.

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