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A name that is remembered the world over for its classic sporting cars, the MG of today is a very different animal. Following the collapse of the original MG Rover brand in 2006, the rights and property were bought by Chinese company SAIC, who restarted production of the MG F sports car. The rebirth began in earnest with the launch of the all-new MG6 in 2011, and today the range is relatively small but growing, helped by investment from the parent company.



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The MG3 is the cheapest model in the range, a low-priced supermini that offers good equipment for the money, while the ZS is a small SUV crossover with good space at a reasonable price - it’s also available in pure EV form. At the top of the range is the HS SUV crossover, which brings added quality and lots of practicality.

Tell me something I don’t know about MG

The Longbridge site has been in operation since 1906, and during World War II it made tank parts and munitions.

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