How far do Brits walk between their cars and work?

A man reserving a kerbside parking space by standing on it

Our latest research has found that the nation is not just facing parking issues near home, but it seems it’s the case at work too.

We’ve found that parking isn’t readily available at work for many British drivers, meaning they have walked a MARATHON this year - just by walking to and from their car.Working on the basis that Brits will work for up to 48 weeks a year - it is estimated drivers walk 45km a year just getting to and from their job.

That’s 1.3 lengths of the English Channel - or more than one London marathon, with working Brits getting their steps in both morning and night.

Distances vary across the nation, though. Workers in Northern Ireland walk the furthest - on average over 5km per day from their car to their workplace and back. However in Liverpool, drivers tend to park an average of 62 metres away from their workplace, and just 70 metres away in Leeds.

Watch our video below to see more.

How far do Brits walk between their cars and work?