Finding a used Polestar for sale with heycar couldn't be simpler. All Polestar cars for sale with heycar come with a warranty, are quality checked and available through selected dealers only.


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    Which used Polestar models will I find for sale on heycar?

    You will be able to find both the Polestar 1 for sale and the Polestar 2 listed in our cars for sale on heycar.

    Which Polestar is right for me?

    Polestar is a new brand, only launching in 2017, but look at the designs and you won't be surprised to discover it's owned by Volvo. In fact Volvo has offered Polestar performance versions of its cars, such as the V60, while Polestar upgrades  are available on most of the Volvo range. The brand focuses on high-end performance EVs and is designed to compete with the likes of Tesla.

    As a very young brand, Polestar only has a few models in its range and you will need deep pockets. The Polestar 1 (the names aren't the most imaginative) is a two-door coupe hybrid with more than 600PS and a price tag that will rival a Bentley Continental. This is supercar territory and a very rare thing indeed. The Polestar 2 is as crossover and as a pure EV, it's a rival to the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQC. It has a range of close to 300 miles.

    Tell me something I didn’t know about Polestar

    Polestar started out as an independent racing team in 2005 having success with the S60. What was the Polestar Racing team is now known as Cyan Racing.

    How can I find a used Polestar for sale near me?

    Simply enter your postcode to find high quality second-hand Polestars near you.

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