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Volvo is one of the best-known European manufacturers, with a number of notable innovations throughout its history and a reputation for producing distinctive cars with a strong safety record. From its beginnings in 1927 Volvo made safety a key part of its vehicle designs, and is credited with bringing features like laminated glass, the three-point seatbelt and dedicated child seats to the marketplace. More recently Volvo was sold to the Chinese Geely Group, and following significant investment Volvo has produced a new generation of vehicles with a premium feel.

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The smallest car in the Volvo range is the XC40, an appealing crossover with space, quality and comfort for all passengers. The S60 and V60 models are a mid-sized saloon and estate respectively that bring a high level of driving performance and practicality, while a similar saloon and estate pairing comes in the shape of the S90 and V90 at an executive level. Volvo’s SUV range is completed by the medium-sized XC60 and the large XC90, which are versatile and desirable as well as offering the option of hybrid power.

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Volvo’s original parent company SKF is a bearing and seal manufacturing company.

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