We think it’s only fair to set out our ways of working (plus our lawyers said we had to), so here are the heycar dealer standards that we ask you to abide by as a heycar dealer, for all of the cars that you list with us:

Vehicle eligibility criteria

  • You send us all of your stock and we’ll showcase vehicles that meet our strict vehicle eligibility criteria: 
    • Each car is under 8 years old and has less than 100,000 miles
    • Each car checked for history, accidents and more
    • Each car quality is checked
    • Each cars come with a warranty
  • You’ll be upfront and clear with customers if they benefit from an approved used programme or the remainder of the manufacturer warranty and include this information in the vehicle feed that you send to us
  • You’ve put steps in place to check that the vehicles you supply us have had an authenticity check to make sure they’re ready for sale before we introduce a customer to you
  • You send us clear, transparent and not misleading vehicle information, if either of us spots an error we talk about it, and swiftly resolve it

heycar dealer standards

  • You’ll contact customers within 24 hours of us making the introduction and do what you do best by helping them to buy their perfect car
  • You hold the regulatory permissions and super-solid processes needed to offer the finance products we display on the site and if this changes you give us a heads up as soon as possible
  • You’ll ensure that the offers you choose to showcase on heycar are readily available for customers within your dealerships
  • You’ll make sure the dealership is a safe place for customers and ensure that you have adequate public liability insurance in place (we have no minimum standards for biscuit or hot drink quality)

heycar network

  • heycar works with a number of third party providers and platforms to increase the visibility of heycar dealers stock, a current list of these is available on request