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Finding a used Isuzu pick-up for sale with heycar couldn't be simpler. All Isuzu pick-ups for sale with heycar come with a warranty, are quality checked and available through selected dealers only.

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Quality checked, all cars less than 8 years old and warranty included



Find a used Isuzu pick-up for sale with heycar

To see the latest used Isuzu pick-ups for sale listed on heycar, simply click here.

Which used Isuzu models will I find for sale on heycar?

Isuzu now only sells one pick-up in the UK, so you will find the Isuzu D-Max for sale, which replaced the Isuzu Rodeo.

Which used Isuzu model is right for me?

With just one model on sale in the UK - the D-Max -  it's more a case of which version of Isuzu's one and only pick-up truck is right for you. The D-Max Utility is the cheapest version and ideal as a practical workhorse while the D-Max Blade comes very well equipped with heated seats, climate control and a touchscreen. The D-Max XTR is the most rugged version with chunky styling and all-terrain tyres.

Tell me something I don’t know about Isuzu

The name Isuzu translates into English as "fifty bells".

How can I find a used Isuzu for sale near me?

Simply enter your postcode to find high quality second-hand Isuzu pick-ups near you.

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