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                      Research from heycar Reveals Electric Vehicle Favouritism for the South of England

  • Data sourced via heycar reveals a drastic North / South divide in electric vehicle (EV) demand across areas of the UK
  • The findings provide proof that ultra-low emission zones help promote the use of EVs, but the North is being left behind 
  • In October 2020 EV demand in the South was 30% higher than in the North of the UK. In October 2021 this figure swung by 108% in the South’s favour – coinciding with the month when the ULEZ was extended. 

Online car marketplace heycar has revealed that there is yet another North / South divide opening in Britain with implications for the future of motoring in the UK – the electric car. 

Sales figures sourced from heycar suggest that specific market conditions cultivated by the government are prompting a disproportionately high take-up of EVs in areas south of Birmingham while leaving the rest of the country lagging behind. 

To find out more, visit the heycar blog or contact for the full press release. 

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