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Finding a used Audi for sale with heycar couldn't be simpler. All Audi cars for sale with heycar come with a warranty, are quality checked and available through selected dealers only.

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Which used Audi models will I find for sale on heycar?

You're spoilt for choice with every type of modern Audi listed in our cars for sale, including: Audi A1 for sale, Audi A3 for sale, Audi A4 for sale, Audi A4 Allroad for sale, Audi A5 for sale, Audi A6 for sale, Audi A6 Allroad for sale, Audi A7 for sale, Audi A8 for sale, Audi E Tron for sale, Audi Q2 for sale, Audi Q3 for sale, Audi Q5 for sale, Audi Q7 for sale, Audi Q8 for sale, Audi R8 for sale, Audi RS3 for sale, Audi RS4 for sale, Audi RS5 for sale, Audi RS6 for sale, Audi S7 for sale, Audi RS7 for sale, Audi RS Q3 for sale, Audi RS Q8 for sale, Audi TT for sale

What are the most popular Audi cars for sale?

Audi has a wide range of models with something to suit nearly all budgets. The entry-level A1  is incredibly popular, as is the A3 and the A4 saloon and Avant estate. In recent years, the Audi Q2, Audi Q3 and Audi Q5 have all been popular cars or sale with buyers.

Which Audi is right for me?

One of the most recognisable and popular brands in the UK, Audi is a part of the Volkswagen Group that offers a wide range of models aimed at premium markets. Having originally begun with the merger of several smaller companies, the present-day Audi began in the late 1960s. Today the expansive Audi range combines much shared technology across the Volkswagen Group with a common design theme, and the strong image of its products is a big part of its success.

Such is the breadth of the Audi range it is likely there is a model to suit your needs. The A1 supermini and Q2 crossover are appealing small cars, while the compact-sized A3 and Q3 models are very popular. The A4 and A6 are available as both saloons and estates and are excellent all-rounders, and come in coupe form too as the A5 and A7 Sportback. The SUV range includes the Q5 and Q7 alongside the Q8 coupe-SUV, while more niche models such as the TT coupe and convertible, A4 and A6 Allroad, A8 luxury saloon and the R8 supercar mean every segment is covered.

Tell me something I don’t know about Audi

Before it introduced airbags on its models, Audi used a system called ‘ProconTen’ which used strong cables looped around the engine to pull the steering wheel away from the driver and tighten the front seat belts in the event of a frontal impact.

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